Distributor Profile: Screen Area Enclosures

As the first distributor in Minnesota, we have been with PGT Eze Breeze sliding panels since 1988. This website is designed to help you understand how Eze Breeze can turn your screen area into a weather tight area quickly and easily. We can also assist you in finding a dealer in your area.

Those exposed or partially-exposed areas around your home are pretty nice on pleasant days. But when a light rain shower passes through or the bugs attack, you have to abandon them and seek shelter indoors. Sadly, dust, mosquitoes and rain puddles can wind up spending more time on your patio furniture than you do. Screens can help fend off bugs – though they’re a poor sentry against breezes, rain drops, dust, dirt and pollen.

To guard against all of these, you need something more – something that repels Mother Nature, but attracts family and friends!

You need something that keeps these exposed and partially-exposed areas in use – instead of ignored.

The Eze Breeze enclosure system is custom made.
It will work well for an existing porch or for new construction. It is perfect for around a hot tub. We have more than one style from which to choose. We can enclose porches, gazebos, breezeways, garages, condos, townhouses and just about any three season type area you can dream up! The telescoping panels allow you to go from screen porch to 3 season porch with a “flip of the wrist”!

For those of you that build for a living, you will be amazed at what an open, outdoor feeling you can give your customer for their three season area. This product simplifies your building process. Your clients will sit in a weather tight room – yet feel they are virtually sitting outside!

Please call 218-851-0325 and we’ll help you with your project! We have lots of ideas and suggestions for you!