Measuring for your Eze-Breeze Installation

Measure EACH window opening width and height in 2 or 3 places. Write down the smallest measurement.

Check the OUTSIDE of the porch to make sure you have AT LEAST a 1 inch flat area all around the window. If placing one window right next to another we suggest using a 4 X 4 or two

2 X 4’s. Be sure to look up at the top of the window opening to make sure you have 1 inch or more area to attach the top flange to.

The windows will come numbered the same way we send them in. Remember where window #1 is.

PGT will deduct 1/8 inch off the measurements sent to them. You may want to take 1/8 inch off your measurement to give yourself a little more leeway.

We will order all the windows the shortest height so the horizontal bars line up. You may have to fill in with wood if the openings vary a lot in height.

You will need spline from PGT to roll in the screen.

You will need screen, screws and caulking.